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September 2019 – Director Florian was nominated for the Advancement Award for the Academy of German Commercial Film. This is him pitching the crazy idea that got him there...


February 2019 – We proudly present our new Sonnenmoor commercial currently broadcast on national television. Buckle up, ORF!

December 2018 – Our imagefilm for #musgym went viral! 20K audience and the director smiling from the newspaper cover! ;)


October 2018 – We are looking forward to our collaboration with designer Zuzana Radicova. Look out for this epic fashion flick coming soon!

July 2018 – The render farms are steaming and our 3d team is cranking up the awesome. Something is definitely cooking here at Nautilus Headquarter. Stay tuned!

May 2018 – We received the Grand Prix Victoria in gold for our Sonnenmoor commercial which we shot last summer. Check it out!

May 2018 – We've launched our brand new Website!